Councillors support tax increase

Bishop Auckland Town Council has voted in favour of increasing its Council Tax precept for the forthcoming year. At a council meeting, held on Tuesday 21st January, six out of eight councillors backed the 27 per cent rise for 2014/2015; a rise of 65p per month for a Band D property.

Around £5,000 will fund the Parish Plan, while a further £5,000 will go towards the Velo 29 town centre cycle race and £3,000 will fund a quarterly events newsletter. However a contract with Groundwork Trust to provide the parks and environment team has been axed, along with an allocation to the Citizens Advise Bureau.

Councillor Lee Brownson supported the rise, saying, “I know it is going to be a difficult time for everybody, but I think it is time we act on the decision and move forward.”

Councillor Sam Zair had opposing views, suggesting a reduction in the contribution to the annual Proms in the Park event in order to minimise the increase, however this was rejected by councillors.

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