Sponsor a sunflower at Cultivate 4 Life

Cultivate 4 Life has launched a new sponsor opportunity ‘Sponsor a Sunflower Pot’ on 8th April at their first public opening day for this year.

To date the project has 30 sunflower pot sponsors, with 170 pots still in need of a sponsor.

Each pot has a sponsorship value of £10 and if all 200 pots were sponsored, it would fully cover one month of Cultivate 4 Life’s costs.

The project provides a therapeutic working environment in primarily horticulture and woodwork, with one to one support, with a provision of a daily nutritional lunch for young people and adults in Bishop Auckland and neighbouring communities.

Sponsors are able to name their pot and are invited to pot their own sunflower seed at Cultivate 4 Life’s potting event on Saturday, 13th May.

In October, all sponsors will be invited back to a judging event to discover if their sunflower pot(s) are one of the tallest, with a prize awarded to the three tallest.

Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor should contact Julie Costello, Project Co-ordinator on 07472 012121 or by email at cultivate4life@4clocks.org.uk.

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