Katie lands charity funds after parachute jump

Katie Hall, from Bishop Auckland has recently completed a parachute jump to raise funds for the Encephalitis Society.

After admitting she has always wanted to do a parachute jump, her boyfriend Michael surprised her by buying her a jump with the Peterlee Parachuting from Shotton Airfield.

To make the jump more memorable and worthwhile, Katie decided to raise some money charity at the same time and chose the Encephalitis Society as her dad suffered from the illness a couple of years ago.

Encephalitis is inflammation or swelling of the brain.

The inflammation is caused either by an infection invading the brain or through the immune system attacking the brain in error.

The illness can be life-threatening and requires urgent treatment in hospital.

Her dad has thankfully recovered back to full health but others often aren’t as fortunate.

Katie successfully completed her jump at the end of July, raising over £350.

Her mam, Barbara said: “Her dad and I and very proud of her for this achievement in doing the jump and raising money for this worthwhile cause.

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